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MCI111A Please fill out the following form so we can customize a quotation for your exact requirements.  Make sure you include your name, company, phone number, and email address so we can contact to to clarify any details we are unable to ask on this form.

The MCI 111A standard configuration has the MSR & OCR readers and no Glide-Pad installed. You do have the option including or excluding any of these items including the Glide-Pad.  

The Glide-Pad has the option of being located above or below the numeric keys.  When the Glide-Pad option is chosen, the numeric function keys (Home, End, Pge, etc) will be relocated underneath the standard function keys above the Alpha Layout. Please see the product brochure for sample picture.

Letting us know the Project or End User details allows us to protect your inquiry from other distributors or suppliers requests.  DCS (Aust) Pty Ltd will not disclose this information nor act in any way to compete with your relationship with the end user.


The information including logo submissions may be shared directly to PrehKeyTec for Logo and layout proofs to be created for project sign-off, and also to protect your interest in the end user / project.

For project roll-outs or large orders PrehKeyTec allow more advanced options including: Custom Coloured Keys and Casing, Your Logo and Details Laser Etched on the Keyboard Chassis, and Interface Cable length Options.


Advanced customization options are available for single or project orders with an initial single order of 50 units and subsequent orders to be agreed on depending on project or roll-out scope.

Once submitted, you completed request will be emailed directly to our staff and we will be able to provide you with further pricing information.  We will most likely be contacting you to discuss the project requirements further and go through the next steps of the supply process.