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40mm x 28mm T/T Synthetic Labels

40x28mm T/T Labels - Nursery/Warehouse

DC27/UPO Thermal Transfer Labels (Synthetic/PP)

for Nurseries, Warehousing, Trade Supplies, etc

  • Label Dimensions: 40mm width x 28mm height
  • Thermal Transfer - Recommended WAX/RESIN Ribbon (See DC-50300/WR **)
  • Polypropylene Media - UV / Moisture resistant
    - Excellent for Nurseries, External Retail, Plumbing/Trade Supplies, etc. where moisture and sunlight are prevalent
  • Roll Size: 4,000 Labels per roll - Large Media 75mm Core
    - To suit all Industrial Large Format Thermal Transfer Printers including Godex & Zebra models
    - Some Desktop Thermal Transfer printers with Large media unwind stand (See Godex G500 series)
  • Permanent adhesive suitable for most clean surfaces including paper, plastic, Metal (steel/gal), wood, and most painted/polished surfaces.

** DC-50300/WR (50mm x 300m Wax Resin Ribbon) Thermal Transfer Ribbon ( 50mm width x 300m Length [25mm core] )  - 1 Roll of Transfer Ribbon for Approximately 2 Rolls of DC27/UPO Labels (8,000 labels)